You've got a lot to handle on campus. Let Odin handle lunch.

Odin POS is an end-to-end incidental spending management suite with full inventory management included. We’ve helped hundreds of schools create a university-like OneCard system where students can make any purchase using their student ID. The Odin system is compatible with barcode scanners, PINs, and RFID cards. No matter how you want to authenticate students, we can support it. If you don't already issue cards, our ID design system makes it easy to issue branded ID cards designed to integrate directly with the full Odin suite.

Students will no longer need to bring cash to school for purchases. With our portal, parents can deposit funds, check their students' balances, and see a real-time overview of student purchases. With our MyKidsSpending app, students can make purchases directly from the app or generate a QR-like barcode that can be scanned to charge the student account. For added security, that barcode even refreshes itself, so no screenshots can be used to make purchases. Odin even handles school bank allowances, with the ability to issue petty cash or add funds directly sent to your campus's Business Office.

At Odin, our independent school-focused point of sale has helped hundreds of institutions across the country turn the time-consuming operations of cafeterias, bookstores, and other retail areas into revenue-generating profit centers.

Fast, efficient, easy-to-use, and affordable, Odin's class-leading point of sale systems get high marks across the board.

Odin lets your students use their IDs to make purchases anywhere on campus.

Academic institutions' top priority is simple - education. At Odin, we understand. That's why we're proud to offer streamlined, cost-effective POS solutions that seamlessly automate the operation of your school's cafeteria and other retail venues.

Designed specifically for schools, our easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable POS systems reduce administrative burdens and leave you with more time for what really matters: your students.

Odin's best-in-class feature set makes choosing us an easy A+ for school administrators.

Why automate your point of sale?
For school administrators, automation means...

  • Reduced overhead and billing costs
  • Integrity of expenditure tracking
  • Detailed accounting of sales
  • Faster checkout lines
  • Satisfied parents and students

For students and parents, automation means...

  • Faster checkout lines and more time to eat
  • Increased security for students
  • Accepting muitiple payment types
  • Convenient reloading of student accounts
  • Easy-to-access spending details for parents

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Odin is tailor-made for getting students through the line quickly.

In the Cafeteria

At Odin, we know there's never enough time for lunch. Odin for Cafeterias is a touchscreen POS designed with the speed required for fast-paced food service operations. Easily scan lunch items or touch a button on the configurable lunch menu, then have students scan their ID or enter their PIN. That’s it — you're done and nobody’s hungry.

Odin's feature set is ideal for food service:

  • Intuitive interface that is easy for even the less tech-savvy to use.
  • Powerful report engine and inventory tracking features.
  • Easily manage students' lunch accounts using Odin, and parents get insights through our MyKidsSpending portal — as well as the ability to fund their students' accounts anywhere, anytime.
  • Faster checkout lines means more sales per hour, with more time to eat.
  • Our integrations with leading SIS suites make adding new students and billing to accounts easier.

Interested? Contact our sales team to start setting up your customized Odin installation.

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Odin can handle your inventory at any size.

At the School Store

Odin for School Store has all the features, reports, and tools a school store manager and staff needs to effectively run their store.

Why will your store's manager love Odin?

  • Real-time inventory levels displayed across all registers.
  • Powerful report engine to track sales and manage student accounts.
  • A full purchase order system allows managers to send out orders to vendors without ever printing a page.
  • Emailing statements to families is a click away, or automated based on balance using MyKidsSpending.
  • Our integrations with leading SIS suites make adding new students and billing to accounts easier than ever.

Interested? Contact our sales team to join our legion of satisfied customers using a customized Odin installation.

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Our iOS solution lets you make sales anywhere.

Odin for Mobile Devices

Odin Mobile is an iPad-operated POS designed so you can charge student accounts and make sales anywhere on campus. Our Mobile solutions work with perpetual inventory so stock updates are automated no matter where products are sold. Designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive, even students and parents' unions can make sales anywhere, anytime.

Why use a mobile point of sale?

  • The real-time inventory level tracking you know and love from our desktop apps is here too.
  • Cloud communication between devices means your reports get updated in real time.
  • Easy-to-update inventory lists let you use just part of your inventory on mobile devices, perfect for pop-up sales.
  • If you won't be online, no problem. Make sales to students' accounts and then upload them once you're back on campus — that kind of freedom opens a whole world of revenue.
  • Your whole student list is automatically available for sales on mobile, and available Bluetooth scanners make completing transactions using student ID cards a cinch.
  • Our integration with Square lets you use the most stylish and reliable iPad sales accessories out there.

Interested? Let our sales team know you want to go totally mobile.

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Parents can view transactions online and add more funds, to boot.

Online with MyKidsSpending

Use our parent-facing solution to let families make deposits for their students' accounts online or order items in advance using our pre-order menu options. Debt collection from families will be lower than ever.

Why use MyKidsSpending?

  • Convenient online deposits let parents pay for food and other items at any time — no more making sure students keep up with their lunch money, and much less work for accounts receivable. Multiple family members can hold accounts and replenish account funds for one or more students.
  • MyKidsSpending can automatically send statements warning families of an impending low balance, or a negative balance.
  • Purchase information is available in real-time for immediate review by families, thanks to an automated sync between your POS and the MyKidsSpending service.
  • Pre-ordering options allow families to use the website for long-term pre-ordering, and the MyKidsSpending app offers an on-the-fly mobile ordering option.
  • Available automated ACH funding replenishes account balances before they get too low.
  • Live, U.S.-based support staff are available during business hours to assist parents with website issues.

Interested? Get started with MyKidsSpending by contacting our sales team.

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